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ANAM LogoThe Mailbox Club has been an affiliate member of ANAM for all the years the Association has been in existence. We fully subscribe to, agree with, and strive to meet all the standards that the Association represents. Below you will find more details about ANAM and the requirements they have established for affiliation and accountability. To find even greater details on the standards with which we strive to comply, visit the ANAM web site and click on the “Join ANAM” tab on the home page.

For all interested and qualified individuals, organizations, and ministries you may request further details by emailing your request and qualifications to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or by writing to us at:

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About the Association of North American Missions (ANAM)


“ANAM exists to assist member organizations in operating with excellence, thereby maximizing their God-given ministry effectiveness in reaching the lost and making disciples.”

ANAM exists with a PRIMARY FOCUS of being an accreditation and accountability organization for missions with a focus in North America. There are 15 requirements that focus on ministry and organizational structure for joining and maintaining Accredited Membership. The ANAM Executive Director is responsible, along with the Credentials Committee of the General Council, for seeing that these requirements are maintained. That way, the member mission can say to their constituency: “we have met a standard of excellence and you can trust us”.

This primary focus is fulfilled in the following activities:

  • Training – the yearly ANAM Leadership Forum is designed for the purpose of “continuing education” for the board and executive leadership of member missions. Seminars and discussion sessions are planned to address matters of board relationships and structure, image and identity of the ministry, recruitment, leadership transition, leadership development, donor relations, and many other topics related to the “excellent” operation of the ministry. Our Annual Business meeting of the membership is held during the Forum. Our future plans call for offering training to member missions in conjunction with visits and the 5-year reviews.
  • Review – Our member missions renew their membership yearly, further pledging themselves to the standards of membership. Every 5 years, a review team from ANAM (made up of the Executive Director and other ministry leaders) visits the member missions for a “closer look” through an extensive evaluation process. A report is provided to the board and mission leadership that can be a further tool for strengthening policies and communicating the value of the organization to their constituency.
  • Fellowship – The continental United Stated is divided into 8 regions (3 currently active) for the purpose of promoting fellowship and enrichment on the part of the individual missionaries. The regional meetings are a place that missionaries can go to receive encouragement through fellowship with others who have similar ministries and training through workshops in helpful topics related to their ministries.
  • Encouragement – The Executive Director of ANAM is responsible to be available to encourage and advise the leadership and boards of member missions. We are seeking to visit each of our member missions during our first two years and will continue to build that vital relationship.



1.     Subscribe to the Doctrinal Statement, By-Laws, and Policy Manual of ANAM.

2.     Be incorporated as a non-profit organization according to the rules of the country where located (US, Canada, or Mexico) and have or be working toward 501 (c) 3 status.

3.     Be neither a national association nor organization of missions.

4.     Perform services that assist the local church in fulfilling its New Testament appointed objectives.

5.     Be governed by a properly constituted board of at least five members, not more than two of a family relationship, meeting at least semi-annually.

6.     Provide financial information to the public as requested.

7.     Pay the annual dues determined by the vote of the member missions.