Mailbox Club Int'l

The Mailbox Club is incorporated in the state of Georgia, USA as a non-profit corporation and recognized by our Federal Government's Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service as exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  This may be important information so you will know that we are governed by a Board of Directors and that the receipts we issue for donor gifts are valid support for the charitable gifts you claim as Federal and State tax exemptions.

LEADERSHIP presents our General Director and the team of men God has chosen to surround him in leading the efforts of the ministry all around the world.  We hope these brief sketches will encourage your heart.

MISSIONARY WORKERS are all of those people at The Mailbox Club who are called of God and responsible, with the Lord's help, to raise the financial support they need so they can live and work full time for the Lord.  Included are many who are part of the Leadership Team plus other dedicated laborers in this ministry.  Some of these folks have much they wish to share while others keep it brief.  We trust you will be encouraged to add these crutial workers to your daily prayer list and, if the Lord so directs, to the missionaries that you support financially.

PRINCIPAL FIELD LEADERS are the indigenous helpers God has given us as we have grown to be an International ministry.  The work often demands dedicated helpers in a country, local area, or region of the world so the work can move forward in a timely manner.  We trust you will enjoy their story and background as they tell it.  Would you be led of God to become a prayer and financial supporter?  Please realize that not all of our important International family may appear here; for some it would not be safe.  These are the ones who need even more prayer and support.

VOLUNTEERS AT HOME are more important to the work than they ever get credit for.  We love them and wanted to feature those who were willing to be presented.  There are times when they number more than who are considered "full time".  Pray for them!  Could you join them?  If you would do that there is an application form that you will need to complete, just click this link.   God bless our volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS ABROAD is a page we hope you will see in the near future.  The Mailbox Club ministry would not exist around the world without the multitude of volunteer workers that give their time to operate and teach the many "Clubs" that exist.  We don't often get a picture or a story from them but we have learned that they number in excess of 50,000.  If you think that sounds impossible or excessive, it is not; we are quite sure our counting is much on the low side.  Many new people get involved every year and often continue on in thier very remote part of the world without our ever hearing from them.