Mailbox Club Int'l

Technical Services Manager

Darryl came to The Mailbox Club in 1993 following 23 years of working in industry as a Mechanical Engineer.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree (1969) in Mechanical Engineering from LeTourneau University, Longview, Texas. His business career developed from basic engineering work into major project management based on his abilities in careful and accurate planning of the multitude of details required to initiate, design, build, prove and bring to completion multi-faceted automated production equipment programs.

Darryl is happily married to Ruth Anne for the past 44 years. Two sons and a daughter were given by God to this home. These grown children now have God honoring homes of their own in which are growing 16 precious and important grandchildren.

For the first 14 years of Darryl’s 17 years with The Mailbox Club he served in the position of Office Administrator with general oversight of all office and internal ministry functions on a daily basis. Ministry growth through the years increased the list of duties until the Lord sent new workers to the ministry who were better qualified in particular areas and could carry that part of the load.

Computerization in the areas of accounting and communications has been a significant part of the operational changes for the ministry. In 2007 Bill Touchton joined the ministry to take up Office Management responsibilities and Darryl was able to “downsize” and focus on providing the “Technical Services” so much in demand for the ministry in this electronic age of high speed communications and vast stores of data.