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Omar Rincon Family

My Name is Omar P. Rincon, I’m 47 years old and I trusted Jesus as my Savior and Lord in early 1991 after spending part of my life in a meaningless life of addictions and wild living. But God loves me and rescued me from that dark way of living and gave me new life in Jesus.


In mid-1992 God called me to work at a street children's orphanage in my country and home town, Bogotá, Colombia. There a Pastor from Gospel Outreach Church of New Port Richey, FL and I founded an orphanage and ministry for street children in May of 1993, through which we started to lead them to Jesus, and lodging an average of 12 boys at a rented house downtown Bogotá. Those children also received from our ministry Christian and academic education, with shelter and food in a home environment. The Lord blessed me with the friendship of a beautiful young lady when we started the orphanage, her name was Mireya. She worked with us in that ministry as the social worker, some months later we started to date and about a year later we got married. We led the orphanage until the time our daughter Annie was born in late 1996. God blessed us also with a baby boy in 2002, his name is Matthew.

Mireya, my wife and I enjoyed 13 ½ years of our lives together in our marriage, until in early April of 2008 God called her home after a battle of 3 months with a very aggressive type of cancer. Also we had the opportunity to serve the Lord together during 15 years. Despite the difficulties and challenges of married life that Mireya and I faced together, the years I spent with her were the most wonderful ones of my life and I look forward to enjoy our eternity together with our loving God in our heavenly home

While in America in the early 1990’s I learned about The Mailbox Club through the book “How to Succeed in Winning Children for Christ”, written by the founder of this ministry Mr. George Eager. I read it, and it touched my heart, God placed a burden in my heart regarding discipleship to the children I would lead to Jesus.

Before I came to work with The Mailbox Club (TMC) in August of 2000, I was working in Colombia as an evangelist at private and public schools. I had the privilege to reach thousands of children and teenagers for Jesus with His help. However I had the burden that none of them would grow spiritually in the knowledge of our Lord in His Word, because we didn’t have the tools for follow up, or discipleship.

Then God spoke to my heart, that as He was using TMC to help many children around the world to get to know Him, and mature spiritually, this would be a great help in our evangelistic outreach in my country. So the Lord moved me to request their help in late 1997. A year later the help was approved! So in March 1999, with the help of God, we began a Mailbox Club ministry in Colombia, following-up children we were reaching at public and private schools. This work has spread to 2 of the main cities down there, and some small towns.

What I love most about working with TMC is that now I have the great privilege to help children’s evangelists to disciple thousands of children and youth from Mexico to the tip of Chile!!! They wouldn’t otherwise have a follow-up and discipleship for the children they are reaching, because they lacked the tools before we started to assist them. I thank God for this wonderful blessing.

My goals are to continue promoting the translation of as many of the Mailbox Club Bible courses as possible into Spanish and Portuguese and put them in the hands of our associate missionaries in Latin
America. Also to continue seeking opportunities to start new partnerships with other children’s evangelistic ministries to help them with our discipleship materials, so that many more children and young people will have the opportunity of enjoying the blessing of knowing Jesus and becoming truly His disciples as they study His Word in our Bible courses.

During the 12 years that I’ve been working with the Mailbox Club Int’l. I’ve witnessed a huge expansion in the Latin American region from Mexico to Argentina; we have reached hundreds of thousands of children and youth with our Bible courses, through our missionary associates all over Latin America and the Caribbean. Our main partner ministries in the region are Child Evangelism Fellowship, Jesus Film for Children and Evangelism Explosion. We also supply our Bible lessons free of charge to children’s missionaries of other smaller ministries. We praise and thank God for using these materials in a wonderful way to lead so many thousands of children to Jesus and some of their families as well. God has given us the privilege to serve Him here and we are just thrilled and delighted of what has given us the privilege to experience in this ministry; we give Him all, praise and glory!

You may realize that all the work mentioned above implies the investment of money that we trust God will provide through His people, if you feel led by God to support our ministry financially, please join our support team.