Mailbox Club Int'l


Marvin & Amber WhiteMarvin and Amber were both raised in Christian families and came to Christ at a young age. Marvin accepted Christ at the age of five during a small town revival meeting. After the meeting Marvin and his sister asked their father, who is a pastor, how they could know that they were going to heaven. Amber accepted Christ at the age of nine when her father sat down and explained the Gospel to her. Amber and Marvin both attended Christian schools throughout their lives as well as attending and helping in their local churches.

Marvin has been involved in children’s ministry since he graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 1995. As a sophomore in college he felt the call of God to serve the Lord with his life. Since that time, Marvin has ministered to children as a Christian school teacher, as a graphic designer for Child Evangelism Fellowship and now as the Asia regional director for The Mailbox Club International.

Marvin and Amber were married in 1998 and had their first child in 1999. They now have three children Marvin Ray (1999), Paxton (2002), and Madelyne (2005). Amber is a homeschooling mom.

In December of 1999, Marvin and Amber moved their family to Missouri to work at Child Evangelism Fellowship. It was working at CEF that Marvin first learned about The Mailbox Club. Marvin was hired as an artist/graphic designer to help redesign Mailbox Club Bible lessons. Little did Marvin realize at the time that the Lord was using this situation to eventually move him and his family to Valdosta, Georgia the headquarters of The Mailbox Club.

Since 2002, Marvin and his wife Amber have been serving the Lord reaching the children of Asia for Christ. The Mailbox Club Asia is an exciting Bible club ministry for all ages. Children are connected to a local church through a godly mentor and are discipled through Christ-centered Bible lessons. This is all done in a class type setting usually within the local church.