Mailbox Club Int'l

Pray for Ministry Needs & Staff

  • Please pray for the funding of two matching grants:

A $60,000 matching grant for Africa/Middle East Discipleship program

A $150,000 matching grant for Non-Christian cultures outreach, focusing on countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

  • Please pray for the pilot programs we have started in partnership with Evangelism Explosion.
  • Please pray for the ongoing outreach of the My Hope India project that was launched during Easter.
  • Please pray for the redesign of our Explorers course into full color.
  • Please pray for the Lord's guidance as we develop our "Backpacks of Blessing" in conjunction with churches. 


  • Please pray for additonal help for our Discipleship Center here in Valdosta, Georgia.  Our desire is for a nearly full time volunteer couple.  The duties include the full range of what this vital area of the ministry does every day.  A man is needed to help with some of the heavier physical tasks as well as mentoring other men.  A woman is needed for mentoring children and grading of children's lessons