Mailbox Club Int'l

What is a Mailbox Club?

A Mailbox Club is a "through-the-mail" or "hand-to-hand" Bible club that all ages can enjoy.  All courses published by The Mailbox Club are Christ-centered and true to the Bible.

Who can start a Mailbox Club?

Any born-again man or woman (and teens also!) can start a Mailbox Club.  Age is not a factor, teens to senior adults can do a Mailbox Club.  You will need to be faithful and consistent in the work; your students are depending on you!  You will also need basic Bible knowledge, a long term commitment, a love for the Lord Jesus that leads to a love for your students, and a desire to let God use you.

What are the Fruits of your work?

  • Students will come to know the Lord Jesus!
  • Churches will be strengthened!
  • Nations can be changed!
  • You will reap joy now and eternal blessings forever!

How do I get started?

Planning your "Mailbox Club " ministry needs to include but may not be limited to these considerations and decisions.  As you read and think about these things do not become discouraged; if God is calling you to a ministry such as this, then He will supply all of your needs.  It is still important that we "consider the cost" when we begin to build.  You may not be able to answer all the questions raised here but let them help you be a careful planner that the Lord is leading you to win others to Him.  May He bless your consideration.

  • What will be the target audiance and focus of my ministry?
  • Mailbox Club Bible lessons are written for ages 5 years through adults - Will my ministry focus on children, youth, adults or will my ministry be to all ages?
  • Children are a very fruitful harvest field and can be found in churches, schools, neighborhoods, and roaming the city streets.  Is my ministry to one or more of these areas?
  • Young people ages 14 to 19 are a challenging category to reach for Christ.  Is my ministry deliberately focused here or maybe just included as God sends them along?
  • Adults come in many subdivisions; singles, families, single parent families, men, women, laborers, business people, unemployed, homeless, prisoners, and others - Will my ministry be to any particular group or everyone in general?
  • We recommend two ministry methods defined as "through-the-mail" and "hand-to-hand.   Which will work best for your ministry?
  • The "through- the-mail" method requires a reliable postal mail system in your country or area of ministry and the cost of postage must be reasonable and attainable for all of your students.
    An alternative is for your ministry to pay all postage cost, both outgoing and return.
    How do these factors fit into your ministry plan?
  • The "hand-to-hand" method is much more localized and requires a "club center" where students pick-up and return their lessons.  A "club leader" needs to be present in each "cub center" to meet students and mentor them when they come and go.  A "class room" teaching method can be used with this method.
    To reach large urban areas will require many "club centers" in the city; rural areas need a "club center" in every village and/or country church. 
    How do these factors fit into your ministry plan?
  • How will you finance your ministry and what will it cost?
  • Do you have sufficient personal resources that will purchase printed lessons and postage plus the necessary office essentials for a "through-the-mail" ministry?
  • Will you need to do "fund raising" to keep your ministry going?  Do you understand what that will mean and have any expereince in doing it?
  • Can your church help you with the financial need?
  • Costs will depend on the number of students you offer Bible lessons as well as the number who enroll and then complete a course.  Have you tired to make an estimate of your ministry costs?


  • How much time do you have to invest in your ministry?
  • If you can only work part-time at your ministry will it suffer for lack of your availability?
  • Can you enlist others to fill in when you are not available?

  •  Will you need helpers?
  • A new "Mailbox Club" ministry often starts slowly with a small number of students; however, God and time have a way of growing a ministry.
  • It is good to plan for growth and to have someone or more people that you are training as your ministry continues.

  • How large do you expect your ministry to grow?
  • Do you have any goals for your ministry?