Mailbox Club Int'l

The Mailbox Club Discipleship Center - Student Sponsor Program

$68,844 Budgeted need for 2014

In 2013 we mailed out 61,734 lessons free-of-charge to an average of 4,131 active students across the United States. It was a fruitful outreach because 177 students indicated that they had received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior through taking the lessons! 3,182 certificates were awarded for successfully completing a course.

That's about $20/year/student to send lessons all across America free of charge!

With God's help, our desire is to continually increase the number of students enrolled in courses through our local Mailbox Club here in Valdosta, GA.  You can enroll new students in this great "discipleship" program right here on this website by completing a "signup" form right HERE!


Would the Lord be leading you to sponsor one or more of our students?

Your gift matters!