Mailbox Club Int'l

Have you visited our "Lessons Online" web site at

This is our "interactive" fully electronic presentation of our Bible lessons for the younger generations and those who just prefer to do everything they can from their computer!  We also hope that this site will make our lessons accessable to Internet capable people all around the world!

As of this time we have placed 11 of our 22 courses on this site in English only.  These lessons are for ages 5 up through 13-14.

Our site is a secure site that complies with the COPPA rules for protecting children on the Internet.  Students can initiate communications with a spiritual "Mentor" through the use of an imbedded private message board.  Each person that desires to use the site must register and secure a "username" and "password" for access.  This is required for basic security and COPPA compliance.  Parents/Guardians of minor children (under 13) are contacted by the site to secure their permission for their child to access the Bible lessons.

Our database system offers immediate and automatic question "grading" supported by a "help file" that leads the student to the correct answers.  Regular students may progress through the lessons of their age appropriate courses as rapidly as one lesson per day.

The Lessons Online site is designed to share our materials with others through a "Licensed Partnership Agreement".  Modest fees do apply.  If you would be interested in this possiblility please visit the Home Page and click the "handshake" button for all the details.

The development of the site continues at a slow pace as we are able to prepare the courses for web page presentation.  There is no limit to what can be placed in this database and on this site.  We will be adding other languages to the site as soon as they can be prepared and when we have personnel who can monitor and mentor our online students.  Spanish will be our first "other" language followed by other primary use langauages of our world.  We will continue until all the lessons we have in all the languages we have are placed in this database and accessible to the world!

This web site development project has an annual budget need of $15,000.  We are continually looking for helpers that believe, as we do, that our Lessons Online are important to reaching a segment of our world that may not be touched for Jesus in any other way.  Will you become a part of our support team for this electronic tool of our modern time?