Mailbox Club Int'l

Bible Lesson Publisher & Distributor

We do "Desktop" publishing with the latest in computer programs and equipment!

In the early days of publishing Mailbox Club lessons the text was typed onto a page the exact size of the final printed lesson.  Space was left for the illustrations and they were pasted onto the page as original art drawings.  Each page, when complete, was photographed to a press film negative which was matted into a film spread the size of the press plate to be etched.  Errors or changes in text or illustrations meant this process was repeated from scratch for any page or pages affected.  Color came at a premium price so lessons were printed black ink only on white paper.

Today, with the aid of very smart software programs designed to do page layout and powerful computers that calculate every detail with extreme precision and great speed, we can flow pages of text into pre-formatted templates around beautiful electronic pictures and electronically drawn or scanned art illustrations.  When a change is made the entrie page or lesson shifts just the right amount to accomodate the addition or deletion.  Data files thus generated are read by an "imagesetter" that produces the required press plate; color separation is computer generated so color plates match perfectly.  Four color and full color processing can now be done on modern presses in one pass at minimum additional cost compared to single color processing.

Distribution has many facets!

Distribution originally meant that our printed Bible lessons were mailed to children in South Georgia, North Florida, and Eastern Alabama in response to the enrollment card they filled out at the schools Mr. & Mrs. Eager visited throughout the school year.  Distribution also took place through our printer and sister ministry, Source of Light, when they sent the lessons to their ministry associates in various countries around the world.

Today, these same basic avenues are still being used; however, there has been considerable growth.  Bible lessons for all ages are mailed all across the United States to about 5,000 students and there are now approximately 700 "Mailbox Club" type ministries and organizations across America who purchase our lessons and run  "clubs" of their own.  International distribution of our lessons includes over 100 countries of the world with printing being done in many places on presses similar to those in the USA.  The data files of our materials move in minutes over the Internet half way around the globe where they are fed to that all important "imagesetter" so the presses can roll.  In addition to paper lessons anyone with Internet access can enroll through our "lessons online" web site and complete Bible studies electronically.