Mailbox Club Int'l

It seems one must say the Partnership between The Mailbox Club and Child Evangelism Fellowship began before The Mailbox Club began.  For a period of years around 1960 George and Laura Eager served as CEF representatives in the South Georgia area and were involved in the CEF "Camp Good New" ministry during the summers.  When The Mailbox Club was founded in 1965 the Eagers left their direct involvement with CEF to pursue their own ministry calling but the connection remained in their heart for winning children to Christ and the excellent child evangelism training that CEF provided.

When The Mailbox Club began to offer their Bible lessons as a discipleship tool to other ministries CEF chapters across the country became "customers" for these publications.  Those relationships grew over the years until in 1998-1999 the CEF home office decided to establish a central "Mailbox Club" to serve their entire national outreach and many special project efforts.  Thus the "CEF Mailbox Club" was born and quickly developed into the largest "Mailbox Club" in the USA.  We rejoice in this yoke of ministry to the children of our country!

Internationally The Mailbox Club has donated our Bible lessons to the CEF offices in the many countries around the world where CEF is working so effectively.  In this Partnership TMC has supplied the printed Bible lessons for the children and CEF has given the manpower (or lady power) to operate their own "Mailbox Club" style discipleship ministry from their national office.  As the needs have appeared The Mailbox Club lessons have been translated into many languages for many nations.  This working together internationally began in the early 1990's in Eastern Europe and now spans the globe.  The Mailbox Club continues to support this joint effort with donated materials, training when needed, and joint translation efforts for new and updated materials.

Under the direction of our Lord, " may chase a thousand but two shall chase ten-thousand..." has been the experience of our working together.  We rejoice in the GREAT THINGS GOD HAS DONE through this long and fruitful partnership!  PRAISE HIS NAME!!

Find out more about Child Evangelism Fellowship and their worldwide ministry at their website.