Mailbox Club Int'l

This is to thank you for giving me a Bible lesson. It’s helped me to know the Lord Jesus in a very simple way. This is the first time I received it and my parents like to read it too. Lots of my Hindu friends like to receive and do the lessons. I’m very much happy and waiting to receive the awards and the Bible. -Student, Sri Lanka

I am studying Explorers 1. When I finish, I’ll get a certificate. Now I can read and write a little bit. My teacher helps me to read the lesson. Jesus is alive and He died on the cross for me and you. He really loves me and loves everybody. I thank my teacher for teaching me about Jesus. Thanks to The Mailbox Club ministry that sent us the lesson. May God bless you all. - Student, Cambodia

I learned from the lessons to forgive. I hated my mother because she left me and my siblings with my grandmother. My grandmother is the only one who takes care of us. I forgive my mother. I don’t hate her anymore. I know that even though my mother is not around, I know that Jesus loves me very much. - Student, Philippines

What great news it is for the church planters to go into the lives of children. We have never seen such joy in the church planters. They finished ten lessons in a week’s time and ask for more lessons to reach the first group of children. I can tell my people that by reaching children through Mailbox Club lessons we are planting a future church and it is very important. I feel that every child in Nepal should go through Mailbox Club lessons to know God. - Coordinator for Jesus Film, Nepal