Mailbox Club Int'l


Akmal, 13, “I heard from my grandfather that Isa (Jesus) is a prophet. Today I learned in my Mailbox Club lesson that He is not only a prophet but also God’s Son, that He died for all people and rose on the third day. I believe that Isa will come again. This is what grandfather said also.”



Nigora, 14 and Ulykbek, 11: “Our father always forbid us to visit aunt G and said that she believes in a Russian God. Today we know that He loved us so much that He died for us and rose on the third day. He will return to take those who are reconciled with Him. I want to reconcile with God.”

Volunteer TMC teacher: “…Earlier this year we’ve been visited by the Mail Box Club leaders F & D and Dr I. The senior leader shared how men and women are serving Christ where it’s even more difficult than here and where a person can be executed for the Christian ministry. I was really encouraged by the fact that men and women risk their lives for the Lord Jesus’ sake. I was amazed by their faith and complete trust to God. Sometimes it seems to me that I grow cooler, that I am spiritually alone but praise God that He sends people who encourages me spiritually and charge my spiritual battery again.

“Government representatives came to my house and asked me what I do, how I support myself since I don’t work anywhere officially. They asked who visits me and many other questions. I was ready to meet them because an acquaintance came to me and warned about this visit. I don’t know why she did it but I realized that God is using even non-Christian people to protect His children. I am very thankful to God for the wisdom and boldness which only He can give. I know that they are watching me and my house and I had to stay home for more than a month before I went out for just a very short time. Sometimes God gives us quietness to tell us something because when we have a lot of ministry we may not always hear Him telling us something. I resumed the ministry. Children rejoiced that I was with them again. Thank you for praying for me and the ministry and help me spread God’s Kingdom in our country. With love, M.”