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George and Laura Eager

The story of how The Mailbox Club began is an exciting testimony to what can be accomplished with young lives in our local communities. It's a story that speaks to each one of us that believes you change the world by changing the lives of our young people.

In 1958, George and Laura Eager became burdened to reach children for Christ. They began a ministry of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ in the rural schools of Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. This outreach continued for 38 years, during which time over 1,365,000 children and teenagers were reached through their assembly programs.

As a result of their contact with many thousands of children and young people in the rural areas, the Eagers soon realized that many of those who had accepted Christ through their school ministry had little or no opportunity for continued spiritual growth. The Mailbox Club was born out of this need for "follow-up" materials. The Mailbox Club is a Bible correspondence club. Bible lessons are sent to the student through the mail. The student reads the lesson, fills out the question page and mails it back. The question page is graded and returned with the next lesson.

George and Laura EagerEventually George and his staff wrote not only children's courses, but also correspondence courses for teens and adults. One of the strengths of The Mailbox Club lessons is that they are always "field tested" by our own office as we actively use them with thousands of students around the country. Today we have 21 courses for people of all ages, beginning at age four through senior citizens!

We view our God-given role of producing Christ-centered Bible correspondence lessons as unique in world evangelism. Our aim is to be pleasing to the Lord, pursuing excellence in developing a complete curriculum of lessons.

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God bless his family and friends. His lessons are a big part of the reason I accepted Jesus as my Savior 38 years ago. I loved getting the lessons in the mail, and read every word. I can still remember some of the specific lessons that I got in the mail. Thank you, Mr. Eager, for caring about lost souls and giving so much of yourself to others for God's glory. I know you are now home with the Father, to rejoice in His presence for eternity. Thank you from the grateful heart of a former student. – Donna, Georgia


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