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Desmond & Edith Nkhoma

Dr. Desmond Nkhoma

Coordinator for East and Central Africa

Desmond is the Area Coordinator for the Mailbox Club responsible for East and Central Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya. His functions include distributing the Mailbox Club’s Bible Study materials to children and the youth through structures such as churches, schools and communities and training pastors, teachers and community leaders in how administer the materials. A journalist by profession, Desmond is married to Edith and they have two sons Chikondi and Chisomo. Desmond enjoys reading books for personal advancement and spending quality time with his family.










A 12 year old child who didn’t want to be mentioned after doing Mailbox Club decided to sell his puppy for 4 US dollars so that Mailbox Club lessons could be taken to other parts of country.  Seeing that the boy was committed to see the work of God going ahead, his parents contributed 50 US dollars for traveling expenses.

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