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Projects Explained


Explorers Club
A thrilling partnership rapidly developing to impact the world through CHILDREN REACHING CHILDREN for Christ! EE’s passion, over the next five years, is to train 4 million children to become evangelists in 60+ countries. TMC's passion is to "make disciples" of these children and their friends. This year, we are partnering together to help make disciples of over 375,000 children in 15+ nations, through the Explorers Club lessons. Next year, by God's grace, we plan to disciple another 400,000 precious boys and girls. Imagine the world turned upside-down by child evangelists, rooted and grounded in the Word. To God be the glory! (learn more)

Funds Needed: $821,415

Venture Clubs
Never have the spiritual needs among our children and youth in America been greater! Venture Clubs utilizes our time-tested Mailbox Club lessons through local churches in Bible discussion format, rather than through the mail. It blends 48 years of follow-up experience with a mentoring model developed around the world through thousands of churches. These “repackaged” and colorful Mailbox Club Bible lessons also feature interactive questions, Scripture memory, and Bible reading programs. We want US children and young people to know what they believe, why they believe it, and to know how to share their faith with others. Your gift will help provide the "support money" needed to redesign and launch this exciting program. Please keep up with our progress at www.ventureclubs.org and on FaceBook!
Funds Needed: $117,016

Africa/Middle East

We plan to offer Christ–centered Bible lessons to 503,200 precious boys and girls in 36 nations in Africa and the Middle East through 20 different ministries and local churches! We are trusting the Lord for over 400,000 children to complete a course and receive a clear Gospel presentation, many for the very first time. (learn more)
Funds Needed: $465,971

Muslim Children Outreach

We are partnering with hundreds of local churches and a variety of children’s ministries in 19 difficult countries, our 2013 goal  is to offer Chirst-centered Bible lessons to over 250,000 children living in  predominantly Muslim areas. We are trusting God for funds to print over 2.4 million TMC Bible lessons for these Muslim children for whom Jesus Christ died. Please pray for this great outreach to children living in the bondage of Islam in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Central Asia.
Funds Needed: $330,827


Lessons Online
This is our "interactive" fully electronic presentation of our Bible lessons for the younger generations and those who just prefer to do everything they can from their computer! We also hope that this site will make our lessons accessable to Internet capable people all around the world!  As of this time we have placed 11 of our 22 courses on this site in English only. These lessons are for ages 5 up through 13-14.  This web site development project has an annual budget need of $15,000. (learn more)

INDONESIA Impact 2015

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Other Global Needs:
Below are other needs/opportunites we have to reach children for Christ-both across the street and around the world:

TMC Valdosta Discipleship Center-with 5000 students across the US -2014 Funds Needed: $68,844

Central Asia- 11,740 children in 7 countries. -2014 Funds Needed: $85,022

Eastern Europe- 17,244 children in 11 nations. -2014 Funds Needed: $70,088

99,000 children in 7 nations. -2014 Funds Needed: $152,958

Latin America- 88,800 children in 16 nations. -2014 Funds Needed: $100,582 


"Through these lessons I have come to know God. I want Him to live in my heart and change my life." - V, Moldova

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