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The Mailbox Club is a faith ministry, which very simply means we trust God in all that we do and are dependent upon Him for all we are able to do.

The Bible lessons that we publish, the places we go to distribute the lessons, the partnerships we forge, the workers who join our ministry and the resources we need to operate, the decisions we make every day and much much more are all matters of prayer at The Mailbox Club. This ministry came into being by prayer, has been supported for over four decades by prayer, and continues today by prayer, prayer every day!

The Inner Circle Prayer Team is a relatively small group of people who have been led by the Lord to pray for The Mailbox Club ministry every day. We pray for the Director, John Mark Eager. We pray for the office staff. We pray for the students whose lives will be touched by Mailbox Club lessons that day. We pray for the finances needed by the ministry. We pray for the support of the missionary workers on staff and for the general fund. We pray for the ministry partners that are being trained and supplied by The mailbox Club. We pray for the trips made around the world and for those who travel to train and distribute the Bible lessons. And the list goes on and on.

Director, John Mark sends special prayer notices to the Inner Circle when matters that need special and dedicated prayer are before the ministry. These notices go out by email hours and even minutes before a critical meeting or a special even begins and the Inner Circle responds by stopping to pray for specific request.

So, the question remains, “Are you a prayer warrior?” Are you called of God to join our team? If you believe the answer is an emphatic “YES” to both questions then we need you on our team and we invite you to join by filling out the form below and submitting it to us.

Thank you and the Lord bless you!

Yes, I want to be a member of the Inner Circle Prayer Team! I will be praying daily for The Mailbox Club ministry!

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“I am a young man who loves Jesus and have been brought up with the lessons of The Mailbox Club, since I was little. I learned the truths of Scripture in it. Now I am grown up and have the privilege of teaching boys and girls these same lessons. May God bless you for continuing to send these lessons." - M, Angola

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