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Pray for our Students

  • Please pray for my daughters mother, and for our family. - J
  • Please pray for me that I can be a better father and husband, the one that God wants me to be. - M
  • Will you pray for me because I am worried about what is going to happen to my brother. I have tried to talk to him about some of the things he is doing but he won't listen to me, will you please pray for us both. - E
  • Please pray for my spiritual matureness. Please pray for my relationship with my dad, that it can be healed. - W
  • Please pray for my safety, my cell mate and I are not getting along and I am fearful. - K
  • Please pray fro my family, for my Grandma, and my Grandpa, they have cancer. - C


"I learned that Jesus loves me and died for me and shed His own precious blood on the cross. For this reason I became Gods family. Praise God. I was not aware what kind of plan God has for me before but now I got insight God created me for a purpose. So God has a big plan for me in the coming future to do in my personal life. Praise God." - L, Ethiopia

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