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Pray for our Students

  • I'm always getting mad at the least little thing. And always saying something that I don't want to say. I pray for new choice of words I know it's not going to happpen over night. So I'm asking for prayer. - P
  • I need you to pray that the Lord will bring me out of all my distress, and to look upon my affliction and my pain and forgive all my sins. Please also pray for my children and my friend that they will turn their life around. - R
  • I would like prayer for my family especially my husband. Also pray for me that I might get a new job. - C


  • I would like prayer for the children coming across the border in the RioGrande Valley. They need our prayers. - E
  • My cousins Grandma passed away. Please pray for them. - S
  • I would really like for you to pray for me to have courage in my witnessing to fellow prisoners. I want to be effective but natural, to be wise but pratical, and that the Holy Spirit may anoint me doubly in abundance to do our Lords work while here in prison. Thank you and God Bless you all. - T
  • Please pray for all our service men and women who are deployed and away from their families. Keep them and their families in your prayers. - A
  • I would like to ask for prayer to help me find a new job. Thank you. - A


"Through these lessons I have come to know God. I want Him to live in my heart and change my life." - V, Moldova

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