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Pray for our Students

  • Please pray for my brother, he has started drinking again. And please pray for my health problems. - C
  • Please pray for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit so I will be able to do His will. - A
  • Please pray for my health, I have been having problems breathing this past week. I also ask for prayer for my Nana she has to have hip surgery in the past and her hip and back are messing with her bad. Also please pray fro my mothers business to continue to grow. Thank you gor your prayers. - D
  • Pray for me that I do not say lies and be kind to other people. - M
  • Pray for me that I could grown in the Lord, and that I could withstand Satan's threats. Also continue to pray for my Dad that he would come to know the Lord.
  • Please pray that my Mother and Sister and Brother ask God into their hearts, and pray that God keeps working on me, so that I can be the son that He is calling me to be. - T


"I am a Pastor in a local church. I am also the Principal of this school of plus minus 600 children. We have seen the change in our children’s behaviour because of the teaching of these lessons. I want to thank you for partnering with us to help our children to be reached for Christ. Please continue to send the lessons as God permits you” - E, Angola

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