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If you have a website please add a link to www.mailboxclub.org. Please also encourage others you know to link their sites to us as well. Thank you.

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Follow us, then send us a "tweet" from time to time with your thoughts on any subject that is important to you, and tell your friends to do the same thing. And "tweet" about us to your friends.

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Enroll yourself and a few friends in our Bible study lessons by mail. If you are an avid Internet user then enroll in our interactive "Lessons Online" at www.mailboxclubonline.org

If you would like to add our logo to your site, go ahead!

You have good ideas too, so use them all!! Thank you!


"I learned that Jesus loves me and died for me and shed His own precious blood on the cross. For this reason I became Gods family. Praise God. I was not aware what kind of plan God has for me before but now I got insight God created me for a purpose. So God has a big plan for me in the coming future to do in my personal life. Praise God." - L, Ethiopia

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