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Build Up Your Club

Here are ideas and tools to help your club grow!

There are many different tools our Discipleship Center uses to encourage our students and help our own club to keep growing. You can download the PDF file of any of these materials and make copies of them for use with your own club.

Congratulations Slip


Congratulations Slip: For graduates, to be included with the first lesson of their next course.




Invitations: If your Mailbox Club meets instead of using the postal system, use these cards to invite children to the next club meeting.



Membership Cards: Send to your student after they have completed their first lesson; there is a design for younger children and a design for older students.




Name Request Slip: Encourage students to sign up their friends to take Mailbox Club lessons too; send this slip with any student's lesson.




Prayer Request Slip: Prayer is a key part of Mailbox Club; include prayer request slips so you can pray for your students' needs.



Reminder Slip: If you have not received a lesson from a student in a while, include this slip with a "reminder" lesson to encourage them to continue taking Mailbox Club lessons.



Sign Up Card: Use this card anywhere to sign up new students for your Mailbox Club; print on heavy card stock and they can be returned to you by mail.




Spanish Sign Up Card: Spanish version of the sign up card.





Thank You Slip:Let your student know you have received the name of their friend they want to sign up for Mailbox Club.


Best Friends Course encouraging verses: These verses can be especially helpful for students taking the Best Friends course; use them for Best Friends or with other courses as appropriate.

1 John 5:11-13     Colossians 2:6-7     Jeremiah 29:11-13     John 1:12      John 3:18      John 14:6
Matthew 11:28      Psalm 90:2             Romans 10:9-10


God bless his family and friends. His lessons are a big part of the reason I accepted Jesus as my Savior 38 years ago. I loved getting the lessons in the mail, and read every word. I can still remember some of the specific lessons that I got in the mail. Thank you, Mr. Eager, for caring about lost souls and giving so much of yourself to others for God's glory. I know you are now home with the Father, to rejoice in His presence for eternity. Thank you from the grateful heart of a former student. – Donna, Georgia


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