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Cambodia Spotlight

Meet the Yems  Tevyneath Yem, M.D., founder of The Harvest Development Organization of Cambodia (THDOC) began a partnership with The Mailbox Club (TMC), Valdosta, in 2003.  [ ... ]


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Change for Children

November 30, 2012 We are praying for 1000 donors to give $1 a day to help meet the need of the children in 2013. That would be $365,000. This is not a gimmick - there are real children we want to [ ... ]


A 12 year old child who didn’t want to be mentioned after doing Mailbox Club decided to sell his puppy for 4 US dollars so that Mailbox Club lessons could be taken to other parts of country.  Seeing that the boy was committed to see the work of God going ahead, his parents contributed 50 US dollars for traveling expenses.

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