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Backpacks of Blessing

Many children around the world are not permitted to attend school without basic supplies. Backpacks of Blessing™ meets a real need in the lives of children. Illiteracy is a major problem in developing countries andis linked to a host of social issues including poverty, child labor, and poor health. Without the basic skills of reading and writing, millions of children around the world will never rise out of the poverty they were born into. The Backpacks of Blessing™ ministry not only helps meet this incredible need, but it also connects a child to a local church. The children not only get an opportunity for schooling but their spiritual needs are met with this exciting evangelism and discipleship outreach.

Uniqueness of the BoB™ Outreach:

  • Around the world, many children cannot attend school without basic school supplies.
  • Supplying children with needed school supplies can occur throughout the school year!
  • This outreach will enable churches to be connected personally to missionaries in the field.
  • Believers in our churches will have the opportunity to pack, pass out the backpacks, and see the children face to face!

  • Missionaries will have an outreach tool for sharing the love of Jesus Christ with unchurched children!
  • This project, while international in its focus, can be adapted for domestic outreach such as in inner cities, in the Appalachian mountain region, or among Native Americans

A Win for U.S. churches:

  • Churches become more missional in all they do – to fulfill the Great Commission!
  • Lay people get involved in world missions.
  • Church members gain a better understanding of where their missionary dollars are going!
  • Other mission opportunities become apparent as teams GO – building churches, sinking wells, etc.!

A Win for International Missions:

  • A huge emphasis on children would result in church growth with whole families coming to Christ!
  • Increased funding for international missions could be realized.
  • There can be better understanding and cooperation between churches, here & overseas.
  • Short-term mission trips become the“feeder program” for career missionaries.


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