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Evangelism Explosion Partnership Fund

God has raised up two global ministries, uniquely equipped by God, to partner together around the world, helping fulfill the Great Commission to children.  Evangelism Explosion (EE) and The Mailbox Club (TMC) are united by the common goal of evangelizing and discipling children, and then sending the boys and girls out to reproduce themselves spiritually in the lives of ten friends over the coming three to five years.  The ultimate goal would be to complete this cycle through four generations, building strong leaders to turn the world upside down for Christ!


TMC's role will be to provide the ongoing training and long-term follow-up materials for the children; equipping Godly mentors to disciple the children, all within the context of local churches.

The Explorers Club Program is unique in that:


          1. The vehicle to reach the children will be the evangelistic training program of EE through local churches.
          2.  Children will be discipled through local churches, and engaged to reach other children as witnesses for Christ!
          3. This will be done generationally, over and over again, harnessing the untapped resource of children reaching children for Christ.


Thank you in advance for your faithful prayers and your generous gifts to help children come to know the Savior!




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"One day I came back from school and one of the ladies, gave me some of The Mailbox Club lessons.  So I started to learn and now I know how much God loves me and Jesus died on the cross for my sins.  At that time, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Personal Savior.  I love God and I love The Mailbox Club teachers, too. " - A, Pakistan

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