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General Fund


When any INCOME or EXPENSE item has no other specific identity for accounting then it is assigned to the GENERAL FUND.

Thus the General Fund in many cases becomes the most important category for a ministry because of the multitude of "little stuff" that has no where else to go but to such a universal category.  Certainly the GENERAL EXPENSES of the ministry belong here:  All the UTILITIES: The electric bills, the water bills, the gas bills.  All FACILITIES MAINTENANCE belongs to this category; general OFFICE SUPPLIES fit here as well; what about the COMPUTERS and DATA NETWORK we all use on a daily basis?

Certainly the list can go on at great length just as a review of the accounting items shows the long list under that broad term GENERAL FUND!

When anyone gives to the category of  GENERAL MINISTRY they are supporting the ministry's GENERAL FUND.  In many ways this category is the most important in all the list of Projects, the Continuious Ministry Efforts and the exciting Programs that are much more popular than the dull old "GENERAL FUND".  The fact is that without the GENERAL FUND to support all of those details of expences and the foundational items none of the "Projects", "Programs", and "Continuous Ministry Efforts" would be able to happen at all!

Would you be willing to preference at least a portion of your small or large gift to this ministry for the GENERAL FUND?  It is VERY IMPORTANT and would also be so very much APPRECIATED!! 














A 12 year old child who didn’t want to be mentioned after doing Mailbox Club decided to sell his puppy for 4 US dollars so that Mailbox Club lessons could be taken to other parts of country.  Seeing that the boy was committed to see the work of God going ahead, his parents contributed 50 US dollars for traveling expenses.

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