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I am 13 years old and I am one of the pupils who has completed The Mailbox Club Explorers 1; waiting to continue with the other lessons. I am a changed boy because of these lessons. I was one of the boys who was very troublesome; stealing teachers’ maize and always fighting. But when our teacher introduced Mailbox Club to our class, it changed my character and we also watched the Jesus Film towards the end of last term. When I saw how Jesus was nailed to the cross just for my sins it changed me into a boy who wants to learn more about Jesus.
-Student, Malawi

I learned through the lessons that God protects me from the devil’s acts. He doesn’t stay in heaven, but also in my life because I give to Him my heart.

-Student, Madagascar

I am a sinner. I didn’t know Jesus as my personal Savior. I was privileged to attend The Mailbox Club lessons. I learned that only the blood of Jesus could save me. I acknowledge my sins and ask the Lord to forgive me. Now, Jesus lives in my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. I thank God for opening my eyes to see His salvation.

-Student, Chad

This is an outreach tool that we have right in our hands. The school teachers have deserted our children in the schools because of the economic situation. With no activity going on in our schools, we will take over in the schools and start teaching these lessons. Every situation turns out for good for God’s children.

-Volunteer, Zimbabwe

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God bless his family and friends. His lessons are a big part of the reason I accepted Jesus as my Savior 38 years ago. I loved getting the lessons in the mail, and read every word. I can still remember some of the specific lessons that I got in the mail. Thank you, Mr. Eager, for caring about lost souls and giving so much of yourself to others for God's glory. I know you are now home with the Father, to rejoice in His presence for eternity. Thank you from the grateful heart of a former student. – Donna, Georgia


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