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Latin America

I give thanks to God because I have studied these lessons. Since I began to study the Explorers Bible lessons and shared with my parents what I’ve learned, my home is no longer like it was before. Now there is no fighting in my family and together we go to church…In my house there is happiness because Jesus is with us; I brought Him to my home. - Student, Chile


The Explorers Bible lessons have helped me to get to know the Lord Jesus better. I like this course. I don’t miss a single lesson. I didn’t know that these lessons would teach me so clearly about Jesus. I want to continue exploring the Bible through them and I don’t want the course to finish. - Student, Dominican Republic


In the Explorers 1 course I learned that God loves me and that He created me. After studying these lessons I want to help others. I’m not going to disobey my parents, neither to say anymore lies and I am going to share God’s Word to my friends at school. - Student, Peru


We are using The Mailbox Club Bible lessons at an elementary school of 125 children who have been studying the Explorers lessons and it has been a great blessing for them and the ministry. Soon we will start teaching “Love, Dating, and Marriage” lessons to the youth at our church. - Pastor, Brazil




God bless his family and friends. His lessons are a big part of the reason I accepted Jesus as my Savior 38 years ago. I loved getting the lessons in the mail, and read every word. I can still remember some of the specific lessons that I got in the mail. Thank you, Mr. Eager, for caring about lost souls and giving so much of yourself to others for God's glory. I know you are now home with the Father, to rejoice in His presence for eternity. Thank you from the grateful heart of a former student. – Donna, Georgia


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