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North America

Hi,   In the 4th grade, a long time ago, George Eager came to an assembly at my school. It was in the follow-up through the mail that I received Jesus as my Savior. Now, I'm 46, and I'm sure I'd be dead if I didn't have the foundation that was laid way back then.    Thanks.   Michael    Tucker, GA


When I was in middle school, I got saved. Someone, to this day I still don’t know who, enrolled me in The Mailbox Club. I absolutely loved it!! My learning was limited from church. Yet, I craved biblical knowledge and understanding. The Mailbox Club helped me so very much! I remember how I would so look forward to receiving my lessons in the mail. Thank you so much! - Alabama

Thanks for having staying power and staying true to God’s word. I grew up on your program and have ordered it for my children. Some of the most striking lessons I recall today are lessons I learned growing up with the Mailbox Club. I’m 38 years old and still have my certificates! Thanks again.   -Florida

Mr. George Eager came to my school in Irwinton, GA when I was in 8th grade approx 1964-65...He led me to the Lord at the age of 13… I am now 58 years young and serving the Lord. Your Dad was my spiritual father I guess you could say. Thank you and God bless!    -Tennessee

I did this study 2 years ago when I did 8 months in the county jail and finished after I got out. I wanted to say thanks. What you're doing really makes a difference. My life really changed when I found Jesus through your help. God bless you.      -North Carolina

Thank you for the awesome lesson! I appreciate the hard work you are putting into making these lessons. I love the memory verses you put in there. I cannot wait for the next lesson you send to me...I learn so much from the lessons. -U.S.A.

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"I came to receive Jesus in my heart through your lessons and with the help of the books you sent to me." - G, Moldova

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