Stories and Testimonies

The Word of God transforms the lives of children.


When I joined Mailbox I have really changed in my life. I am able to testify about Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour to my friends and some of my friends have also accepted Him as their Saviour and follow His footsteps, walking in His way. Now I have repented of my sins and I am ready to go to heaven. I am very happy with the club. Thank you. Brian, Malawi


I thank God for the opportunity to study and complete this Mailbox Club course. It was a great blessing for me, because I learned many things that I didn’t know. When I was studying lesson 8, I trusted Christ as my only true Savior, this has helped me a lot. Now I have decided to take another step of obedience and will get baptized. I would like to receive more of your lessons and continue growing spiritually. Esmeralda, 12 years old, Nicaragua


I am Marium and I am 15 years old. I read in Class Nine. We praise God that He helped me to get these great materials like The Mailbox Club. I have completed 2 courses of TMC. I have learned many important teachings about Jesus by doing these courses. Mailbox Club lessons helped me to receive Jesus as my Savior. Now I know my Jesus, that He is My King, my Savior and my Best Friend. Marium, 15 years old, Bangladesh


Dear Sir, I would like to say thank you very, very much for allowing me to take these Bible study lessons, I can’t even start to tell you how much it has made a change in my life and how close I have gotten to my Lord and Savior.
Linda, Prisoner, 56 years old, North Carolina


 From South Africa



Dear Mailbox Club, I want to thank you for two very excellent study lessons and I really needed to hear both of them “Victory in Christ” and “Jesus is Coming Soon.” These two really compliment the other because to get ourselves ready for Christ’s coming we need to be walking in victory. Thank you for these great lessons, they came right on time.
Thomas, Prisoner, 52 years old, California


My name is Xavier, I live in Trilok. I am 9 years old. I read a book called Mailbox Club. The book was really good and I loved it and liked it. The main thing which I was like is that God says we all are unique. This made me so special. I am so happy to know that. Now I am praying to God every day and I love to read Bible to know more about Him and His plans for me. Mailbox Club gave me more interest to read Bible every day and to know the truths in that. Xavier, 9 years old, India


I wanted to tell you all what a blessing your ministry has been to my family through the years. But none of the lessons have impacted and encouraged my daughter, Chloe, more than the last lesson she completed. As she was doing her lesson, she ran to me saying, “Look, Mom, this lesson is perfect for me. You see, Chloe, who is almost 9 has been struggling with doubt about whether or not she really is saved. She’s spent many nights crying at bedtime-all the while her dad and I have tried to reassure her of God’s Word and His promises regarding salvation. I really think it meant a lot to hear many of the same things that we have been telling her from the Mailbox Club. For that, I am forever grateful. I am also blessed to witness God’s tender loving care, once again, but this time in my precious daughter’s life. Thank you for being such a faithful vessel.
Mother of student (Chloe), USA


The New Life in Christ, course 2 touched my life in a special way. I learnt that to become a child of God, we must believe in Jesus Christ and receive Him as our Lord and Savior. Jesus is the Lamb of God and He died for our sins. That the Holy Spirit dwells in me and when we sin, we need to confess our sins to God because Jesus bought us with His own blood. We can go boldly to God because Jesus is constantly interceding for us; Jesus is Alpha and Omega. Sammy, 20 years old, Kenya


I just never would’ve realized or took the time to read the Bible more if it wouldn’t have been for you. Many, many thanks!
Martha, 10 years old, Pennsylvania


Ung is 14 years old. She studies at grade 9 at Secondary New Hope. Her parent is vegetable seller. Ung lives in Phnom Penh. Her favorites book is an Explorer 1 & 2, because it has question pages that could test her understanding and pictures that she likes. Now she believes in God and wants to know more about the Gospel of God and share the good news to her parents and friends. She said: Thank my teacher and Mailbox ministry. May God bless you all big big.  Ung, 14 years old, Cambodia


I love the cell group of Calvary where I can learn Mailbox lessons. By learning these lessons, I know about the Lord Jesus’ love for mankind and knowing Him more closely. Through learning Mailbox lessons, I am changed in my attitude. I was used to argue against my parents, but now I do not want be like that anymore. I want to learn more Mailbox lessons. If not because of Jesus, I cannot join the cell group of Calvary and never know about The Savior of man. My regards for my mentors. Thank you and God bless.  Tasya, Indonesia


I believed the Bible and I believed there was a God. But, I didn’t have a personal relationship with Him. This love that Jesus gave me isn’t wearing off! Amazing! Now, God has changed my whole way of thinking! I have eight other siblings and even they noticed a big change!
Isabella, 14 years old, Alabama