John Mark Eager
Executive Director


Born March 3, 1961 – Valdosta, Georgia

John Mark is married to Carrie and has
three sons – John, Thomas and Luke, and
two daughters – Charis and Elizabeth


Chief Financial Officer
Joel Miller

Chief Operating Officer
Bradley Fritch

Chief Information Officer
Darryl Shaffer

Regional Directors

Other Leaders

Our board of directors include business and ministry leaders who have
proven themselves to live by Godly wisdom that shows in their
lives and areas of influence. We rely on these men for valuable
leadership and advice as the ministry moves forward.

Board of Directors

Scott Toal • Chairman

Kevin King • Secretary

J.D. Drew • Director

Charles Johnson • Director

Steve Everett • Director

Charlie Harris • Director

John Mark Eager • Executive Director


A major part of our team are our partners. God has brought us into partnership with many wonderful and well known ministries as well as many small works doing amazing ministry for the cause of the Gospel. We treasure all of our partners, great and small. Together we are committed to expand God’s Kingdom.