Testimonies of Lives Changed

In the Explorers lessons I learned that the Bible is not like any other book. I find that the Bible is the guide for my life, and it teaches me how to obey God. Through the Word of God we get correction and discipline. Also from what we learn in the Bible we can share with my schoolmates and also with my family. I thank God for all the things that they are teaching me with this discipleship.

Daniela, 10-years-old, Honduras

My name is Mona and I am from Sudan living as a Refugee in Egypt. I am so glad that we received these books from TMC. I know from the lessons that Jesus died for my sins on the cross to save me from my sins. I now know that I will live with Him forever and will not become a Refugee when I am dead because I will have permanent home with Jesus.

Mona, Egypt

Being involved with the Explorer Club in our local church the past 2 years has been life-changing for me. Having the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with children that some never have the opportunity is amazing. Through the love and compassion of Jesus, I have seen many salvations. That Explorer books contained not only good news but the best news.

Brigitte, Volunteer, Cameroon, Africa

My name is Aster and I’m 10 years old. I’m from Hikedar local Church. Explorers Club materials are very useful and marvelous because it leads me to know Jesus Christ personally and I received Jesus as my personal Savior when I studying Explorers. Praise to God. The best thing is the materials remain with us who gave a chance to study and discuss with our families in home. I thank TMC for providing such wonderful book to Ethiopian children. May God bless you.

Aster, 10 years old, Ethiopia

I am in 5th grade and am so happy to do TMC. It started making a difference in my life because for the first time I understand what forgiveness is and that I am forgiven through the blood of Jesus and that He loves me. I know I will go to Heaven.

Mayer, 12 years old, Egypt

In the Explorers lessons I learned that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, I accepted Him as my Savior and now I’m a child of God. I’m a renewed person, and I learned a lot about God, that He is love, omniscient, almighty, that He is the King of kings and that He loves me very much and that He is with me all the time.

Andrea, 11 years old, Nicaragua

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My name is Talia. Before I was married, my father taught us how to be good fundamental Muslims. When it was time for me to marry, I said that I will marry a fundamental Muslim man. When my first child was born, we both decided to send him to be trained in the Jihadi camps. We did and he never came back home. During the war, our house was destroyed. We lost everything in the war. We even sold our baby girls to survive. I know it’s hard to understand but it’s the truth.

One day, we met with Jesus followers and God rescued us. He saved us and began to heal our hearts from all the suffering and pain. My husband and I had more children and I wanted my children to be great followers of Christ. The Kids Club program arrived in my country. There were hundreds of mothers like me who came to Jesus from similar backgrounds. Our children started the program and we could see God moving in the hearts and minds of our children. We were amazed.

My four children, all boys, are part of the Kids Club program. When they come home after their studies, they told me about the lessons they are learning about God. I wish I would’ve met Jesus years ago. But I can’t change the past. I can only look ahead to what God has for me, my husband and my children. Now, we will change our nations through the Kids Club program. They have hope in the next generation and
Jesus. They know their children can reach the next generations with the message of Jesus.

Please pray for the safety of our children. Also pray for our Kids Club leaders to continue the good work they are doing in our country.

Talia, from undisclosed Muslim nation

 My name is Haddad. My wife and I have eight children. We are thankful for God and all the people who have provided this program for our children. Our children began the Kids Club and were so excited to hear the Gospel in a safe place. My children told me all about the lessons and what they learned about God and His Word. Each of them loved going to the Kids Club each time they met.

One day, two of our kids came to us and asked us why their grandparents had not come to see them. We explained that our family took us out from the tribe because we no longer served Allah but accepted Jesus instead. But why have they not tried to see us. We didn’t do anything wrong. We didn’t have an answer.

When they returned from the Kids Club, they told that they wanted to go and rebuild their relationship with their relatives. We told them it was not possible, but our children wouldn’t take no for an answer. They said that God told them to go visit their relatives. They did just that. They began talking to their relatives about Jesus and shared the lessons they had learned.

It took many visits over eight months but their grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins came to our village. This was a miracle. God used our children to share the Gospel. When our relatives came to us, their hearts were totally changed and they had become Jesus followers. At first, we could not believe it. Did God restore our family through the faith and words of children? The answer was yes. We know this all happened because of the Kids Club program. Our children were filled with faith. God was with them. They stepped out in faith and saw God do a miracle.

Please pray for families in our country to find Jesus, healing and see God do miracles.

Haddad from undisclosed Muslim nation